Thanks Mom, Thanks Bro!


Just got news today that my bro and my mom might take the trek down to see the Space Camp graduation!  So excited at the possibility of seeing them again and that they can share in the festivities of Amelia finishing her first week of camp.  I love that I get to see them but I love it even more that they are making such an effort for Amelia.  700 miles for my mom and 425 miles for my bro!  Thanks Mom, Thanks Bro!




Hi, please come on in!

You’ll find a little slice of my world here… family, friends, photos and crafts.  Of course, right now our home is abuzz with the excitement of Space Camp!  We’ll leave for Alabama on Friday, the 12 of August.

As 2011 is the 75th anniversary of the movie Gone With the Wind, Amelia and I have picked up TWO GWTW paperbacks and will read en route!  We hope to catch the exhibit at the museum in Birmingham showing GWTW memorabilia as well.  If you’ve always wanted to read the book, maybe you’d like to join us?  How fun to read in tandem, en masse!

In the meanwhile, for those of you who asked, I’ve posted highlights from Amelia’s Space Camp scholarship application below.  You should be able to click on the links or the picture, to read it yourself.  Enjoy!